D-Animal Tour @ Cologne/o POP
Friday 17 August 2007 10.30h > Sunday 19 August 2007 10.30h



Cologne / Köln is full of beer, even at the Maire's office (the Maire is a buddy)

It's so nice to become friends with important people !! (above is The Maire - below is Georgia, director of Sonar)


Hey Joe, that smoke machine kicked ass, thanks!! (our bubble machine tradition is all boring now)

this is how the carpet smoke magic works - all managed by one gay teenage superhero:

being famous is for sure a load of shit - all you need is a red carpet (50kr), a smoke machine (50euro), a few DJ-friends... and wupti!!






distortion is a trend setting festival as always - here the guys from Iceland Airwaves thought "hey, we also want to bond with Cologne's Nr.1" !!

Fridrik is a teenage skateboard champ from iceland who decided to come along 2 hours before we left.
"Eat that!" to the many asshole danes who need 3 weeks to plan a dinner arrangement!!

would you hire this guy? Maersk fucking fell for it (to manage their top 100!). haha.



michael meyer thinks distortion is fun

Superpitcher is our all time favourite Distortion DJ (from D-2003)

"supermeyer" at the Kompakt Total 8 afterparty.

"supermeyer" at the Kompakt Total 8 afterparty.
"supermeyer" at the Kompakt Total 8 afterparty.
doesnt this sentence sound perfect?


everyone has funny friends - but our fun friends are more fun than yours, look at them !!

The guys from the Goethe Institute are great because they sometimes give us some money to pay Superpitcher.



RRRRespect to NUITS SONORES - the biggest rave festival in France - the two main guys are distortion amigos of course (and had a beer in our bus):

the blinds are down - time for the afterparty thing (og til hest)





on saturday afternoon we did a pirate chillout on Brussels Platz

A story which became the talk of town in the C/O Pop universe is that the police showed up to shut us down (of course) and we told them "We dont have any papers about it but The Maire is our friend and he wants us to play music all over Köln, for real!" - then we showed the picture of our crew embracing The Maire (see top of page) - then the police guy said: "ach zo..." - and we played all afternoon / evening!


Later Saturday night we crashed a private birthday party under a bridge. We kicked out the dj to put our own Djuna - then we scored the best looking chicks - and left with them!! VIVA THE DISTORTION BUS.


This is how we look when it's getting late.


To work with Distortion you need either to be a tough motherfucker or a superflexible supernice guy...

...our bus manager WILLY and his star driver JOHN are both.

If you're too old for this shit, just lie down on the floor and take a nap to the sweet sound of a "Kompakt Total 8" monsterbash.

(festival directors can only relax when hundreds of people are raving around them)



A few extra souvenir pictures...

we also found out that building a forest inside a bus around 3.33h was great for extra extra atmopshere:




When you drive through Germany / Autobahn, two things will ALWAYS happen, no matter what time of day or year:
1- at some point it will rain; 2- at some point there will be an hour-long traffic jam.
This has been true for me 39 times out of 39 in the past 33 years.

That's when having an Icelandic teenage pro skateboader comes in handy...

48 hours of pure fun in Cologne...
Thank you C/O Pop + Wonderful Copenhagen + TIGERbeer


a few notes:

The e-flyer (below) was posted on the C/O Pop myspace + Kompakt internal network & Kompakt myspace + sms promotion...

We made friends with a bunch of supercool festivals from all over Europe, DJ Magazine (London), The Maire of Cologne, and a supercool German fashion blog called trespluscool !! Now they all think Copenhagen is crazy fun (=mission accomplished).

The poster (top of page) was printed in Köln by the C/O POP festival team.



All photos by Anton + Chaca + Kristoffer + Gro + Thomas + ...?
All rights reserved DISTORTION / human office.