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Hello Mainstream, How You Doin' ?

Distortion was invited at the biggest award show in Danish show business.

Of course, we were too angry/childish/ambitious not to hack it.

Below screen shots of the national tv broadcast on TV2 Zulu, Sunday 11 March 2012.

None of them knew.

All the above was on tv.Meanwhile, backstage, I was goofing around with my war medals on. (real medals from an EOD mission for NATO in Sarajevo 1996 - seriously !)

This small guy next to me is the previous - and maybe also the next - head of the Danish government. Who doesnt want his picture taken with powerful people? I couldnt refuse.

More photos here:

Some people enjoy tagging on the facebook. We like real tags on real people.

=== *** ===

Tv2 invited 4 people from Distortion to the awards ceremony. We were 11 people in ther in the backstagee. Thank you Zulu, we had fun.