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Distortion 2020 // 3-7 June
Karrusel 2020 // 28-29 August


Distortion 2019 // 29 May - 2 June
PwC Sommerfest // 13. Sept. 2019
Karrusel 2019 // 30-31 August


20 years of Distortion
Distortion 2018
// 30 May - 3 June


Distortion 2017 // 31 May - 4 June
Copenhagen 850
// en hyldest til 850-års-dagen for København på Slotsholmen, for Københavns Kommune & Kulturkvarteret og Golden Days.
Karrusel 2017
// 7-9 September


Animal Communication // new website (Sept.2016)
Distortion 2016 // 1-5 June
Karrusel 2016
// 8-10 September


Distortion 2015 // 2-6 June
Folkefest på Slotsholmen
// en hyldest til 100-års-dagen for Grundloven af 1915 på Christiansborg Slot, bestilt af Folketinget. 9 scener, 25.000+ gæster (5.June 2015)
Karrusel 2015
// 3-5 September


Distortion 2014 // 4-8 June
Wilhelm Scenen = Klassisk Distortion 2014 // launch of a new ambitious classical project at Distortion street parties
Karrusel 2014
// 4-6 September


Distortion 2013 // 29 May - 2 June
Havefesten 2013 // Amagerfælled Garden Party, September
Fonden Distortion København // March 2013.


Jazz-Party // Jazz Festival, Hovedbiblioteket (Krystalgade). mini-live-mixtape: Hess Is More+Mames Babeganush+Averos+ mega baggårdsfest (Escho+Euroboys). (12.Jul.12)
// Refshaleøen, mon amour. Now we're talking. (30.May-3.June.12)
human office - holding
// new website.
Berlin Distortion // Tak David og Liesel and RaverJan. a 24-hour party in a dissused kolonihaveforening. With havstein Polizei dodging, yeah! (mid-May 2012)
Zulu hacking
// Hacking the largest award ceremony in Denmark - aka "sticker-licker v.2.0". (Sat.8.March.12)


Jule Distortion // Christmas Party with 4 shuttle-bus + Party Forest + Mega Bodega + Nørrebro Floor + Rave. Frank Hvam was on the dancefloor: Mainstream, yeah!! (Sat.17.Dec.11)
Monki // openeing event for Monki Flagship Store Strøget (walking street) together with Agency V. (Sept. 2011)
// 20.000-90.000 people per day, 280.000+ visitors. Oh shit. Oh well. (1-5 June 2011)
Hello Malmö // Afternoon party in Folkets Park + afterparty at Far I Hatten. Thank you Mattias FullPull (Sat.21.May.11)
Hello Oslo // Afternoon bus party through Oslo + champagne fishing + afterparty at Blå. Thank you Gaute Oslo Live (Mon.16.May.11)
Hello Berlin // Vodka fishing in a Wedding canal with Smirnoff, massive afterparty at Stattbadt Wedding with Live Mixtape by Michael Mayer (Sat.14.May.11)
LIVE MIXTAPE 2011 // A new entertainement concept, developped by Nus/Nus and supported by the Danish Arts council (January-December 2011)


New Media Days 2010 & SXSW // Reception, Award Ceremony & Party at Elefanten, Carlsberg (Tue.9.Nov.10)
Carlsberg in the Dark // Kulturnat event for Visit Carlsberg: massive mapping installation + Kor i Brughuset + crazy backyard afterparty (Fri.15.Okt.10)
Vi KBH'R // For Kbh Kommune på DR Koncerthuset (Sat.18.Sep.10)
DISTORTION 2010 // Wow. "and this is just the beginning" (2-6.Jun.10)
Copenhagen Photo Festival - Opening Reception // Distortion team designed & hosted an opening reception for the brand new Copenhagen Photo Festival (Wed.12.May.10)
Sticker Licker 2010 // The annual Distortion street & body campaign gets its first nudity shot of the year - where will the madness end? (8.May.10)
Launch Party i Klimafængslet 
// Party #1: Raving the Klimafængslet clean of bad vibes. (Sat.6.Mar.10) + Join a "no to" page. Launch
 V.2.0 // Copenhagen is FINE RAW HOT again. Thank you rent-a-coder and Muhlad in Pakistan. (Fri.5. Mar.2010)


Earth Journalism Awards // Celebrating worldwide climate change reporting at the DR Concert Hall, Nus/Nus was 'event agency' for Internews Europe (Mon.14.Dec.09)
WINTER DISTORTION 2009 // 4 parties, 11 dancefloors, 3 days&nights, 4.100 people, 3 December nights with StubnitzCPH:DOX and Hopenhagen (Dec.09) 
Raverbus to Total 10 afterparty // Distortion Raverbus, afterparty shuttle from Total 10 to afterparty for Kompakt, Cologne (Fri.14.Aug.09).
Europareise Partybus to C-O-POP 2009
 // Distortion Raverbus to Danish Entourage party, for MXD at C-O-POP, Köln (Thu.13.Aug.09).
Pool Party at Sonar 2009 // Arranged by Tomas Barfod (Distortion music director), a pool party called Danish Entourage, for MXD at Sonar, Barcelona (Sat.20.Jun.09).
DISTORTION 2009 // 66 parties, 39.850 people. highlights = Distortion floor Final party w. BIS + afterparty with our new residents: SuperMayer!! (3-7 Jun.09)
Københavns Kommune
 // The Commune of Copenhagen enters a 3-year partnership with the Distiortion festival, securing financial backing until 2012 (Feb. 2009) 
ActionHygge V.1.0 R.I.P.
 // We're closing actionhygge to re-focus on the human infomail, the website's strongest asset. Actionhygge will be back V.2.0 Terminator style. (Jan.2009)
Trash Limo R.I.P. // Our limousine got an evil trash-out treatment during New Year holidays, innocent victim of the ridiculous Copenhagen gang wars. Her Memory Lives on. (Jan.2009)


Sensation 2008 Copenhagen // Promotion (PR/Marketing/Glamour Area) for "the world's leading" house/electro party, at Parken, in a 50/50 partnership with Neon. (Sat.15.Nov.08) 
Balloons, Tits and Limousines // Promotion Campaign - concepts and production - for Sensation 2008 (Fri.24&Sat.25.Okt.08) 
NettoRave // actionhygge #04 party was a 50/50 partnership with NettoRave at UnderVand (Sat.4.Okt.08)
Stubnitz 2008 // The party boat is back - for 5 weeks of concerts and parties curated by Jazz Klub Loco and Distortion (23.Jun-26.Jul.08) 
Actionhygge #03 // actionhygge hosts the big dinner party at Final Party Distortion 2008. special thanks to Nanna & V1 (Sat.7.Jun.08) 
// 56 parties, 31.600 people. highlights = pirate bus party Bryggen on Sunday + Kaffe&Vinyl + Muchacho (again) + Studiestraede +...+...+ !! (4-8 June)
LIMO & TRAILER // actionhygge party #02 is launch party for the "Trash Limo" and the "Trailer Disco" 
Tiger PartyParty
 // Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen #02 & Floor Wars #04 make a very good start for 2008 on the Tiger Party Party page (Jan-Feb-Mar.08) 
The Copenhagen Post // after exactly 10 years, the human office ends its weekly Guide & Production work for The Copenhagen Post (1.Mar.08) // the "human circles" list of human infomail become "human army" = Copenhagen's FINE RAW HOT action website goes live with 3.600 members (16.Feb.08)
Human Office & Animal Communication // new website
Nus/Nus // new website

2007 launch party // absolute madness. That's it - Kødbyen is done. Everything at Kødbyen (meatpacking district) from now is downhill. (08.Dec.07) 
REALITY ROCKS '07 // Dox-Distortion, the party marathon within the fabulous CPH:DOX festival, is now renamed to 'Reality Rocks' (1-17.Nov.07) 
Liquid Chain Party // FOS Book Release Party at Indre By Medborgerhus (15.Sept.07) 
Distortion Animal Tour @ C/O Pop // German electronic pop festival invites 10 leading European festivals to do their thing. We killed. (17.Aug.07) 
RRR #01 // Roskilde Renegade Rave #01 = Roskilde Festival camping area (wed.4.july.07)
Nus/Nus // the human office sets up a new ApS company to overtake the human infomail network and the Distortion festival (June-Nov.07)
Party Party Website // New TigerBeer party website: product placement + web-design+ cultural branding (launched in June.07) 
DISTORTION 2007 // The Block Party year, a turning point in Distortion history: over 10.000 guests !! (30.May-3.June.07)
Playstation 3 Launch 
// "This Is Living" party with many PS3 lounges & dancefloor at Hotel Fox + rave at Pressen, Town Hall Square (17.Mar.07)
NATFILM Festival Party // Closing Galla Party for Denmark's largest film festival, at Grand Teatret (31.Mar.07)
Ungdomshuset Human Statement// the human office is non-political, until it becomes humanly unacceptable (9.mar.07)
Vice Party
// The bi-annual Vice party at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, at The Rock (9.Feb.07)
Sweat'n'Tears - Sidste Lørdag med kliken // Monthly club in partnership with Club Loco & Copeland, at Stengade30 (Jan-May.07)
IN&OUT - The Copenhagen Post Guide// weekly editing & production of 16 pages of guide for The Copenhagen Post (Jan-Dec.07)


Nus/Nus // name and concept founded, originally intended for a project in Valencia on Vesterbrogade 34 (Nov.06)
Dox-Distortion '06
 // party festival inside Copenhagen's Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX, curated & promoted by Distortion (9-18.Nov.06)
Champagne & HotDogs // Champagne og Pølser, a crazy crazy project for Copenhagen Music Week & MTV EMA 06 (Oct-Nov.06) 
Stubnitz '06 // Distortion curate 31 parties in 31 days on the legendary underground-culture boat, Stubnitz (6.July-6.Aug.06)
DISTORTION 2006 // The Under The Bridge year, extraordinary year with Powerplant The Greek Band and MixMaster Morris (31.May-4.June.06)
Vice Party // bi-annual Fashion Week event, the Vice Magazine winter party, at ZumBiergarten (10.Feb.07)
Hotel Pro Forma Party // Opening party for Algebra Of Place, new site specific visual performance by Hotel Pro Forma, at ZumBier (4.Feb.06) 
IN&OUT - The Copenhagen Post Guide// weekly editing & production of 16 pages of guide for The Copenhagen Post (Jan-Dec.06)


Dox-Distortion '05 // The second year of super collaboration between party monster Distortion and documentary champs CPH:DOX (Nov.05)
PSP Launch // PlayStation Portable Launch party on a rooftop with free Limousine service, at A-Huset (26.Aug.05) 
Vice Party // Fashion Week summer Vice party on a (windy) beach and two boats, in the heart of Holmen (5.Aug.05) 
PPP #06 // Pirate Party Pack #06 = Flintholm >> Dronning Tværgade parkeringsplads >> too many grafitti = P.P.P.R.I.P. (29.july.05)
PPP #05 // Pirate Party Pack #05 = 3-hour surprise rave on a boat (preparty to DDD05 Final Party, 4.june.05)
DISTORTION 2005 // The International Year with BPitchCtrl & Optimo & Solid Water & ElectroGoGo & Kitsuné & La Johnson, with Det Kgl. Teater (1-4.June.05)
La Fête de l'Institut // design, promotion, production of French-Danish festival to launch the new Institut Francais de CopenhagueFrench Embassy (29-30.Apr.05)
Project Fox // key network associate for all party activities & promotion at the massive Project Fox event, world launch of new VW Fox car (2-23.Apr.05)
NATFILM // scouting, booking, promotion, production for Copenhagen's biggest and best film festival (Mar-Apr.05) 
PPP #04 // Pirate Party Pack #04 = The Barn on Amager Strand (12.Mar.05)
PPP #03 // Pirate Party Pack #03 = PartyCrashAction @ Kat (28.Jan.05)
IN&OUT - The Copenhagen Post Guide // weekly editing & production of 12 pages of guide for The Copenhagen Post (Jan-Dec.05) 
Vice Launch Party // Launch Party for Vice Magazine Scandinavia, with M.I.A., Selfish Cunt, Diplo, Stahlwerk at Halvandet (11.Feb.05)


Dox-Distortion '04// New partnership between Copenhagen International Documentary Festival CPH:DOX and Distortion (4-13.Nov.04)
PPP #02 // Pirate Party Pack #02 = Gaza Plads >> Arne Jacobsens parkeringsplads Dronningens Tværgade (Oct.04)
PPP #01 // Pirate Party Pack #01 = Rococo Rave @ Dronningens Tværgade 123 tank - (11.Sept.04)
Bobbler 2005 // Mads Nørgaard friendly and social fashion happening, at Café Europa 1989 (fashion week Aug.04) 
DISTORTION 2004// The double-bus-double-boat-choreography year, with colette, D-I-R-T-Y, Simian Mobile Disco... final party in Silo (2-6.June.04) 
Bloc Party Afterparty
// for Bloc Party & Interpol at Stereobar with Kjeld Tolstrup (??.2004)
IN&OUT - The Copenhagen Post Guide
// weekly editing & production of 12 pages of guide for The Copenhagen Post (Jan-Dec.04) 
Københavnerprisen 2003 - DADA is alive// tournante de DJ & free Champagne happening in Store Vega, at the last Københavnerpris (24.Jan.04)
human website v.2004 // "flash sucks, .gif rocks"


DISTORTION 2003 // the first turning point: thanks to crowd surfing in the rock-bus, Dragens Hule electropunk afterparty with Kjeld and final party at Halvandet (28-1.June.03)
The Rapture Afterparty
// for The Rapture & Fat Truckers at Stereobar with Tam Tam (?dates?.2003)
TimeOut & BBC & CondéNast & Canal+ & British Airways Go // between 1998-2003, human productions wrote more about Copenhagen culture than anyone else in the world. 
IN&OUT - The Copenhagen Post Guide // weekly editing & production of 8 pages of guide for The Copenhagen Post (Jan-Dec.03)
Punk Royal 2-year party
// our first "event" for a commercial customer: amazing night. Helena Christensen & Nikolaj Lie-Kaas were kissing in a corner (7.Aug.03) 
Club Wagadudu
// 7 parties in a year, was our first "club" (Aug.02-Aug.03)


DISTORTION 2002-1998 // "Distortion - a Celebration of Copenhagen Nightlife" was born as a 1-day festival about Copenhagen's party culture, in Mantra (Tivoli) on a Thursday in Sept.98 - featuring videos by FOS & Tal R + DJ Fatman + street-jembe by some bare-torso crazy-jew from Strøget + a tacky kink-latex-erotica show + a female drum'n'bass guest-dj from nyc + DJ Kong + DJ Colonel + DJs Aaron&Dennis + 600 free Absolut vodka shots + afterparty is some Skindergade Bodega... >> Distortion became a 5-day mobile festival in June 2000.
 // in Oct/Nov.01, we dropped our crappy RCBF NetTV show and turned into a FINE-RAW-HOT newsletter, mailing out to "37 Amigos"
RCBF - Reality Can Be Fun
 // Weekly Internet TV show: 15minutes of (unwatchable) FINE-RAW-HOT Copenhagen culture, every Thu. on (Aug.00-Sept.01) 
IN&OUT - The Copenhagen Post Guide // Thomas Dalvang Fleurquin co-founded The Copenhagen Post (Nov.1997) + founded the IN&OUT Guide (May 1998) 
human website v.2001 // new human motto: "Do - Be - Do - Be - Do"
human website v.2000 // we all come from nothing 


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